The Lomi Lomi massage is originally from Hawaii and it was passed down from generation to generation. In the Huna, a Hawaiian philosophy, it comes mainly to two issues: harmony and love. Lack of harmony leads to resistance, which in turn blocks the energy flow. The treatment is to ensure that these barriers are expelled and are therefore healing. Lomi Lomi fixes the vitality and has a profound effect on the muscular system, the nervous system and the senses. It improves the blood circulation and has a positive effect on the body. It improves the supply of power to the tissues, encourages the metabolism, clean the body of waste, reduce pain, removes edema, corrects, and will improve the movement of the body. Lomi is the Hawaiian word for massage, and means: push, mould, rub.

For centuries, the art of the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage is used as a powerful tool to a healthy way of life. The strokes are long and continuous. With use of lower arms and elbows, they give the impression that there are many hands at work at the same time.

The massage takes place on the nude body, whereas the strokes also go alongside the body, hips and butt. Ofcourse your private parts will be covered in a sarong. Also the hair might get a bit greasy, when the massage meets the neck, face and ears.