The latest trent, received from the USA is Lypossage.

It's a special massage to a slimmer body and to bring the figure in a better shape. The treatment is a mixture of massage techniques resulting from the physical therapy, lyme drainage and connective tissue massage. It was created/discovered by Charles Wiltsie, an American teacher and specialised in massage therapy. Wiltsie conducted a year long study on 100 female subjects and documented the effectiveness of this technique.

Lypossage cleanses the body of blocked lymphatic fluid that leads to the bumps and cellulitis. Lypossage also strengthens the muscles that stabilize weakened tissue. The massage can be sensitive in the beginning, and is running on the bum, hips, thighs, legs, and gut, stomach. But it can also be done on the arm, the face and neck. Lypossage has the greatest impact on ' bold ' areas.

Lypossage, unlike lyposuction, aims at the person who prefers a manual treatment over treatment with a machine. The manual treatment by a specially trained massage therapist. Machinery are used without restrictions on the implementation. In addition, lyposuction treatments are much more expensive than the manual treatment. Lypossage helps to detox and get rid of stored fluids in the body. Most customers find that Lypossage upgrades their energy and mental well-being.

The body is devided into "zones" for each different treatment. Zone I is the area of the upperlegs (on both sides), the buttocks and the abdomen. Zone II is the area of the back, arms and chest, Zone III is neck, shoulders, neck and face