Shiatsu is a special, very effective manual treatment. The philosophy and
shape of this way of massage has its origin in the Asian culture.

Shiatsu literary means “pressure with fingers”. In an easy and gentle way and with the use of bodyweight, pressure is applied at certain points of the body. Pressure is given with thumb, palm of the hand, elbow, knee or even with the foot.

The treatment is given on a mattress on the floor. The customer mostly wears easy clothing to prevent from getting chilly on the floor.

Not everybody is optimally balanced. Headaches, drowsiness, colds and backaches are all examples of situations where the body presents physical reactions. These physical reactions can be found on the body. They feel like a different tissue tension. Shiatsu calls these spots “tsubo’s”. By applying pressure to these spots, the masseur influences the energetic canals in the body; the meridians.
This flow of energy is called “qi”. By working these tsubo´s internal blocks are removed, the energy can flow freely and the balance will be restored.