Sport massage is a massage technique meant for sportspeople. Using stimulating or easing massages the sportsman or -woman will be able to perform better at matches or retrieve a good rest for the muscles, through which the recuperation of the muscles will be quicker and more effective.

The massages are performed on a table, where the part that will be treated is exposed. These massages are done with a non-allergenic oil. Sport massages include rubbing (effluerages) as well as squeezing (petrissages).

The duration of the massage depends on the total of all elements that need to be done and the intensity of the treatment. Detailed information on all possibilities can be found on the Prices page of this website.

Sport massage has – as well as all other sorts of massages – contra-indications or physical problems that definitely can not and will not be treated. In some cases the massage could even make things worse. Each situation will be observed and judged to see whether a massage is possible or not.